About me

👋  I’m Gunnar, a product designer, brand designer, and a front-end developer, currently located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Right now I’m helping Copyright Agent work towards a cleaner internet where copyrighted material both as image and text, truly lies in the hand of the original creator. At Copyright Agent we work with a few of the largest image providers in the world like Ritzau Scanpix, AFP, and NTB.

Before Copyright Agent I was working at Achoo building a new way for businesses to connect with, and invite influencers to join marketing campaigns.

I sometimes take on freelance branding projects through Brandy which is an independent single man “studio” that I founded and run all by myself. Last but not least, I spend some of my free time slowly building Bedoo , a place where you take control of your everyday tasks.

You can find me on Twitter where I mostly repost interesting things about design, blockchain, and cats, or on Instagram where I post random 💩 from my life.

What I do

I create brands, build websites, interfaces but most importantly, I keep deadlines.

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Websites &

I aim to create web solutions that combine beautiful design, combined with simple and convenient user experience.

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We are moving more and more to our phones that's why my solutions always focus on flawless mobile experience.

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Strategy &

Branding is a part of the building blocks of a company. Everything from logo to tone of voice. It’s how people see you.